Equipment - Series 16

The Chevron Series 16 Super Duty is loaded with standard offerings. The Aluminum Body version includes: a high tensile double box extruded ribbed floor system, a heavy duty extruded sill with integral full length graphite impregnated wear strips, top and bottom. Chain trays are located on both front left and right sides along with extruded double box sides, rear sill reinforcements and six chain locks.

The Steel Body features a 3/16 inch smooth or deck plate floor, front left and right chain trays, four by two structural tube cross members, raised steel sides, 6 chain locks and black body paint.

Both bodies include; a fully hydraulic hitch or wheel lift, releasable L-arms, mechanical anti-tilt direct mount pump, inboard or outboard tilt cylinders, illuminated dual controls, 8,000 lb. hydraulic winch with 3/8 x 50 ft. cable, pilot operated holding valves on tilting and lifting functions, backup alarm, cable tensioner, cable roller guide, winch free wheel extension, four safety chains, Federal standard 108 lighting, four light tail light housings, tow light plug, five o n a side body marker lights, body lock, mud flaps, water resistant junction box for wire harness connection and lubrication fittings on all pivot points. The Series 16 Super Duty is available in lengths of 19 to 26 feet. Minimum GVWR is 23 thousand pounds with a max of 33 thousand. Remember, we highly recommend adding our tough skin coating to help preserve your investment. Then there is a whole list of safety and work aid options we can discuss like the removable steel tube rails or the CCI Aluminum Blade Rail, allowing for loading and unloading skids or disabled vehicles.