About Us

Chevron Commercial, Inc. was born in 1987 in Highland Illinois, located 30 miles from St. Louis, MO.

CCI is a family owned business that from the beginning devoted 100% effort promoting Chevron product. Over the years Chevron factory in Mercer, PA has changed owners a few times until it’s rightful owner; Miller Industries Towing Equipment, Inc. became their final destination. Chevron became a team member of the “worlds largest manufacturing of towing equipment.”

Those of you who choose to read this timeline may see events that trigger memories in your own timeline, that being the struggle that most mom & pop businesses can relate to. Interest rates at the start up were at 17% and this was just one of the many hurdles to over come. Like many of us, SBA (Small Business Administration) was the only option for us to get Chevron Commercial on the map. Every start-up business requires sacrifices and a business plan to help keep focus on growing your business.

Chevron product best known for being a carrier, rollback manufacturer offered its distribution excellent back-up support and engineering knowledge.

Chevron manufacturing built specialized designed wreckers, industrial carriers and IV car haulers. What helped CCI grow was the open ears of the manufacturer whom were willing to change and improve its products from the distribution point of view and experience.

Chevron Commercial realizes the importance of customer satisfaction and has always reached out to be the best distributor in the towing industry. CCI started out with a 7 year leased building, and then built a new facility at exit 30 on I-70 in Highland, Illinois. The customer base was built those first 7-8 years by having eye-to-eye contact with the buyers. Referrals from satisfied customers, advertising in Tow Times Magazine and direct mailing was a religion we practiced as the best way to put our product in front of the end users as the internet was not an option available to us at that time as it is today.

Chevron Commercial lives and prospers by its belief that “poor boys have poor ways”. Today we continue to build our successes on that belief and never forget how we got here. It is this key ingredient that keeps us focused on good work ethic and remains a huge part in all aspects of our sales, installation, and service, during and after the sale. Our customer base depends on this philosophy, which insures their success as well. CCI strives to offer different looks to its final stage products. Tow Times Magazine wrote an article describing CCI as one of the “industries best kept secrets”.

Mom and pop businesses struggle to hold their own while trying to flex, when business is up and the ability to downsize to keep the cash alive in down markets. No business owner ever enjoys downsizing which can have a negative effect on its employee’s lives and families. CCI has a revolving door policy of open communication with our employees. Respect to our employees, customers and vendors builds trust and expresses value to both for a long term relationship.