Equipment - 1016

The Chevron 1016 integrated 16 ton modular aluminum body offers up to 148” of rugged bodyand two 15,000lb planetary winches. The1016 is the strongest manufactured 16 ton wrecker body in today’s market. Somegreat features of the Chevron 1016 Integrated 16 ton wrecker body includestandard ½” wire rope, 150 feet on each 15,000 pound winch with dual airassisted air cable release tensioners. The 1016 highlights an electric remotecontrol for the underlift and a tandem hydraulic pump. It’s required by ChevronCommercial, Inc. to install and they work perfectly together for your class 7truck. The underlift uses the L Arm Chevron design along with the hydraulicrear stabilizer stiff legs. Optional for the 1016 wrecker is the L-arm forcars. The standard truck L-arm isexactly why Chevron Commercial, Inc. requires a Class 7 truck chassis on whichto mount your Chevron 1016 wrecker body. The 1016 wrecker has a boom reach of 93 inches and 87 inches ofunderlift reach with a 10 degree negative tilt. The boom rating is 32,000pounds retracted and 12,000 pounds fully extended. The underlift is 8,500 pounds fullyextended. This Chevron 1016 medium dutywrecker is your winner for your Class 7 chassis.