Equipment - Series 10

Chevron Series 10 carrier “the bread and butter slideback carrier for CCI”. The Chevron 10 Series carrier comes in both aluminum and steel. The Series 10 has been the number one seller for over 20 years at CCI. Series 10 comes in the lengths from 17.5 feet to 22 feet. Works with both class 5 and 6 trucks range from 12,000 G V W R to 26,000 G V W R. The Series 10 Chevron offers both inboard and outboard tilt cylinders to help fit almost every truck manufacturers chassis. Both the aluminum and steel slideback carrier bodies have optional equipment of removable steel tube rails or the CCI Aluminum Blade Rail, allowing for loading and unloading skids or disable vehicles. Can work with a forklift application or wider oversize vehicles. The standard L-arm wheelift “drop from the top design” allows for easy operator loading. The L-arm carries a 3,000 pound rating fully extended. The loadrite generation two approach plate give a lower loading angles for those low ground clearance cars preventing damage to the spoilers. We are just scratching the surface of what the Series 10 Chevron rollback has to offer. We can’t forget the Chevron autogrip option, the best auto loading wheelift system offered in todays industry. Add it all up and the Chevron Series 10 tilt body offers value and low maintenance cost to operate. With the application of salt and chloride applied to our roadways in the states during the winter months, please consider adding the CCI Tough Skin Coating to your Series 10 Steel deck body. Our tough skin skin coating will prevent rust that commonly occurs to the bottom of the crossmembers. The Chevron Series 10 rollback is your winner for your Class 5 or 6 chassis.